How can the direction of rotation of a shaded pole induction motor be changed?

Most of them are constructed so we can reverse the rotation by reversing the field. It is fairly easy to take these apart to turn over the stator which reverses the field so the motor will run in the opposite direction. … The position of shading poles determines the direction of rotation of the rotor.

How do you change the direction of a shaded pole motor?

Shaded-pole motors of the asymmetrical type shown are only reversible by disassembly and flipping over the stator, though some similar looking motors have small, switch-shortable auxiliary windings of thin wire instead of thick copper bars and can reverse electrically.

How can you change the direction of rotation of an induction motor?

The direction of rotation of a 3 phase induction motor can be reversed by interchanging any two of the three motor supply lines. Such that the field rotates counterclockwise rather than clockwise. However, the number of poles and the speed at which the magnetic field rotates remain unchanged.

Why can’t a shaded pole motor be reversed by changing the leads?

You can not reverse it as shading coil (usually a thick copper ring) is fitted and fixed in the Stator pole shoe to a corner. Due to Inductance of this coil motor always rotates towards this ring in the periphery of the circle around the gap.

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How does a shaded pole induction motor work?

The working principle of shaded pole induction motor is simple, the main winding carries alternating current and produces magnetic flux in the stator coil. The same magnetic flux cut by the copper shaded band. … This EMF circulates the current and this current produces its own magnetic flux in the shaded band.

What is the shaded pole starting method?

Explanation: The shaded pole starting method is that the part of the pole is shaded by short circuited copper ring. The displacement between shaded and unshaded portion varies between 200-300.

How do you find the direction of a motor?

One way to test motor direction is to take your best guess on how to connect the leads, then run the motor and note the direction it spins. If you’re wrong, you undo two leads and swap the wires. Just to make sure, run the motor again. If it spins in the correct direction, you can then couple it to the load.

How the direction of rotation can be changed?

The direction of rotation of DC series motor may be reversed by changing the polarity of either field or the armature winding. … The direction of the torque and the speed can be reversed by changing the direction of either the field current or armature current by changing the polarity of the DC voltage.

What is the purpose of shading coil in shaded pole motor?

function in shaded-pole motor

winding is known as a shading coil and consists of one or more shorted turns. The shading coil delays the establishment of magnetic flux in the region that it encircles and thus produces a small component of rotating field at standstill.

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Why shaded pole motor is suitable for low power application?

This motor has very high power induction losses and also has a very low power factor. Starting torque induced in the motor is very low. … Shaded-pole motors are best suited to the low-power household application, because the motors have low starting torque and efficiency ratings.