Do all seats need to be in car for MOT?

Do I need all the seats in my car for MOT?

The number of passenger seats has no bearing whatsoever on an MOT test. The car must still pass all safety (lighting, steering, suspension, tyres, brakes and structural) aspects as well as meet emissions requirements.

Are seats checked in an MOT?

A general inspection of the body, chassis, engine mountings, seats, bonnet, boot and doors will be checked making sure all components are free from excessive corrosion with no sharp edges that might cause injury.

Will a broken passenger seat fail MOT?

If seats can’t be lifted because of heavy or fragile items on the seat, the Tester may refuse to Test the vehicle. A passenger seat will only be considered defective if it’s likely to cause injury.

Is removing rear seats illegal UK?

It’s not illegal. If you leave the seats in and remove the seat belts however.

Can I remove rear seats for MOT?

You need to remove the rear seat belts though, or the tester won’t be happy as someone can still attempt to sit in there. With no rear seat belts, their arse is covered at the time of the test that you’ve blatently removed the rear seats. It will appear as an advisory on your MOT report though.

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Are you allowed to remove rear seats?

Checked with relevant departments in both Qld and NSW and got the same answer. In a Pajero and many others with three rows of seating, the third row is held in with quick release clips, meaning that they were designed for easy removal. It is legal to remove and replace these at at any time.

What is checked on an MOT 2021?

MOT checklist

  • Registration plate. Ensure your number plate is clean and legible – a quick wash is sufficient. …
  • Lights. All lights should be working properly. …
  • Steering. …
  • Suspension. …
  • Windscreen and wipers. …
  • Screen wash. …
  • Seats and seatbelts. …
  • Wheels and tyres.

What do they check on an MOT 2021?

The test will also look at the brakes (including pedals and efficiency), seat belts and seats, exhaust and emissions, wipers and windscreen, rear-view and wing mirrors, and your vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Is it illegal to remove headrests UK?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is not legal to remove the headrests from a vehicle. It is unlikely that police would cite an individual for this infraction, as there is generally not much attention paid to it.

Can you remove seats from your car?

You should remove seats because it’s easier to access your car floor and its nooks and crannies when cleaning it without seats getting in the way of your cleanup. … Unscrew them to remove the base of the seat. Use a socket wrench to remove them.

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Do you need rear seat belts for mot?

MoT test includes all front seat belts. Legislation introduced for compulsory wearing of front seat belts. New cars had to be fitted with rear seat belts. Seat belts, if available, had to be worn in the back of cars by children under 14.

What is classed as modifications on car insurance?

A modification is any change you make to your car that alters it from the manufacturer’s standard settings. Modifications tend to fall into two categories: performance or cosmetic.

Can you remove seats from Ford Galaxy?

It says: “Seats are just like the Ford Galaxy and S-MAX can not be removed from the car, but fold into the floor.”