Where are Volvo truck engines made?

Volvo Trucks worldwide. Volvo cabs are manufactured in the north of Sweden in Umeå and in Ghent, Belgium, while the engines are made in the central town of Skövde.

Who makes engines for Volvo Trucks?

Paccar Inc. makes 11- and 13-liter MX engines for its Kenworth Trucks and Peterbilt Motors vehicles and is also a large Cummins customer. Mack and Volvo will continue to make 11- and 13-liter engines. The Mack model numbers are MP7 and MP8, respectively.

Does Volvo make their own truck engines?

For the engines used by Volvo Trucks, see List of Volvo Trucks engines. Previous owner, Ford Motor Company, allowed Volvo to continue to design their own engines, with a new-generation straight-six engine introduced in 2006. More recently the VEA program has been launched.

Who makes the engines for Volvo?

Geely bought Volvo Cars in 2010 from Ford Motor Co, allowing the Swedish brand to operate on an arms-length basis. But in recent years, it has deepened cooperation between the two brands. Volvo already supplies engines to some Geely-branded vehicles, sharing technology through Geely’s Lynk brand.

Who makes the Volvo D13 engine?

Volvo Penta D13 is an in-line 6-cylinder, 12.8-liter, diesel engine using a high-pressure unit injector system, overhead camshaft, and a twin-entry turbo using a water-cooled exhaust manifold.

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Are Volvo truck engines any good?

The ISX15 have made quite an impression on Volvo truck owners. Boasting as reliable, durable, and long lasting the Cummins ISX15 is a great alternative to the Volvo engines with great results. Rating in 400-600 hp depending on the configuration the Cummins ISX is paved its way with impressive power and efficiency.

Who makes Volvo diesel truck engines?

Volvo Trucks have built a number of engines, beginning in the late 1920s. In the 2010s, they have also begun using engines developed by Germany’s Deutz AG. They were one of the first companies to use turbodiesel engines in commercially successful trucks.


Engine D7E
Dry weight 590 kg
Predecessor D7C

Are Mack and Volvo engines the same?

Mack is famous for their big trucks and their shiny chrome bulldog mascot. Volvo makes trucks and heavy equipment, but is more well known by American consumers for their well-crafted cars. But the two companies are related. Engines for both companies are built on the same production line.

Do Ford use Volvo engines?

Volvo used a mixture of Ford engines, and its own five-cylinder turbo units, up until 2014, when all the engines began to be replaced by Volvo’s new (and still-current) family of Swedish-designed and built four-cylinder turbo engines. The best engine is Volvo’s own 2.0-litre D4 diesel, with 190hp.

Are Volvo engines reliable?

The answer is that, when it comes to reliability, Volvo is average. In its 2019 study, ReliabilityIndex gave Volvo a score of 127, which placed the manufacturer in 23rd place on a list of 40 brands.

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