What is the role of carbon brushes in electric motor Class 10?

A carbon brush is a sliding contact used to transmit electrical current from a static to a rotating part in a motor or generator, and, as regards DC machines, ensuring a spark-free commutation.

What is the role of carbon brushes in electric motor?

The primary function of carbon brushes is to deliver or collect current from a rotating part of an electric machine. The brushes should maintain a close contact with rotating part (commutator or slip rings) in order to ensure sparkles operation without wearing itself too quickly.

What is the role of brushes in electric motor Class 10?

IN ELECTRIC MOTOR the function of brushes is to make contact with the rotating rings and through them to supply current to the coil. function of commutator in an electric motor is to reverse the direction of current through the coil periodically.

Why are carbon brushes used in class 10 motors?

Carbon brushes are one of the most important parts of any modern electricial motor. The main function of these carbon brushes is to conduct the electricity between the stationary wires and the rotating rotor part of the electricial motor.

What is brushes in electric motor?

A brush or carbon brush is an electrical contact which conducts current between stationary wires and moving parts, most commonly in a rotating shaft. Typical applications include electric motors, alternators and electric generators.

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What are brushes used for?

It is used for cleaning, grooming hair, make up, painting, surface finishing and for many other purposes. It is one of the most basic and versatile tools in use today, and the average household may contain several dozen varieties.

What is the role of two conducting brushes in an electric motor?

Explanation. The two conducting stationary brushes draw current from the battery and supply it to the armature of the motor as they touch the outer sides of the two halves of the split rings, The inner sides of the split rings are Insulated and attached to the axle of the motor.