What is considered a Class 2 vehicle?

2 – Any motor vehicle except a commercial motor vehicle, an articulated vehicle or combination of motor vehicle and trailer where the gross weight of the trailer is more than 10,000 pounds. Examples: Passenger cars, pick-up trucks, trucks under 26,000 lbs., any recreation vehicle regardless of weight.

What is a Class 2 vehicle?

Class 2: 6,001 – 10,000 lbs. Medium-Duty Vehicle: 10,001 – 26,000 lbs. Class 3: 10,001 – 14,000 lbs. Class 4: 14,001 – 16,000 lbs.

What is a Class 3 vehicle?

Class 3: This class of truck has a GVWR of 10,001–14,000 pounds or 4,536–6,350 kilograms.

What weight is a Class 2 vehicle?

C – also referred to as Class 2 or Rigid this category allows the licence holder to drive any large goods vehicle with a trailer with a maximum authorised mass of up to 750 kg.

What is a Class 1 vehicle in South Africa?

Class 1: Light vehicles: Light vehicles are motor vehicles, other than heavy vehicles as defined above, with or without a trailer, and include motorcycles, motor tricycles and motor cars.

What category is Class 2?

What is a Class 2 licence? A Class 2 driving licence allows you to drive a category C vehicle. A category C vehicle is also known as a rigid body vehicle.

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What does a Class 2 truck mean?

Full-size or half-ton pickups are usually under Class 2. Class 2 trucks can haul between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds on their beds. … Class 2a trucks have a GVWR of 6,001 to 8,500 pounds, while Class 2b trucks have a GVWR of 8,501 to 10,000 pounds.

What is a Class 2b vehicles?

Class 2b and Class 3 trucks (8,501-14,000 lbs. GVWR) include utility and delivery vans, step vans, heavy pickup trucks, and urban delivery trucks, falling in between light-duty passenger vehicles and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

What is a Class 4 vehicle?

Class 4. This includes most road vehicles: Cars (with up to eight passenger seats) … Private passenger vehicles (up to 12 passenger seats) Goods and services vehicles with a gross weight of up to 3,000kg.

What is a Class 6 vehicle?

Class 6—With GVWRs between 19,501 and 26,000, this class covers medium-duty commercial trucks. It’s the category for single-axle and beverage trucks, along with rack trucks. School buses are also in Class 6. What’s more, this is the class where the need for Commercial Driver’s Licenses starts.

Is a 7.5 tonne lorry a HGV?

An HGV or LGV lorry licence is the same as a Class 2 lorry licence and it allows you to drive a lorry over 7.5t and up to 32 tonnes.

What weight can a Class 2 lorry carry?

2 Axle Rigid Lorry

This will have a maximum gross weight of between 7.5 tonnes and 18 tonnes.

Can you drive a tractor unit on Class 2?

Re: Tractor unit on class 2 (cat c) license yes or no? Yes you can. And no you don’t have to disable / remove the 5th wheel. So long as you do not pull a trailer (there is a 750kg limit that is legally allowable, but not practical) with only a C licence you can legally drive a tractor unit.

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What is a code 2 vehicle in South Africa?

Code 2 – A code 2 vehicle is a vehicle that has more than one owner, code 2 refers to the status of the vehicle. Code 3 – A code 3 motor vehicle is a code 1 or 2 motor vehicle involved in an accident, and subsequently being declared unfit for use as a motor vehicle.

What is code 3 in South Africa?

Code 3: all vehicles (except motorcycles).

What class is a small car?


Class Interior combined passenger and cargo volume index
Minicompact < 85 cubic feet (2,405 l)
Subcompact 85–99.9 cubic feet (2,405–2,830 l)
Compact 100–109.9 cubic feet (2,830–3,110 l)
Mid-size 110–119.9 cubic feet (3,115–3,395 l)