Quick Answer: How long does a Silverado transmission last?

This type of transmission usually lasts between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. As always, with proper maintenance and care, it is possible to extend the life of your transmission past 200,000 miles. Chevy Silverados are usually automatic, so you can hope to see your transmission last 200,000 miles.

What year Silverado has transmission problems?

From 2012 to 2019, each Silverado year model was littered with issues. The 2012 and 2013 year models have a few dozen reported issues each, mainly pertaining to faulty engines and transmissions.

Are Silverado transmissions reliable?

Does the Chevy Silverado 1500 have transmission problems? If you take a look at the data provided by Consumer Reports you’ll see that the 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 only has a score of one out of five in terms of predicted reliability.

How long does a GM transmission last?

Without service and maintenance, some transmissions can fail in as little as 100,000 miles. If you drive around 10-15,000 miles a year, your transmission could be down for the count in seven years! With care and service, transmissions can last 300,000 miles or more.

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How much is a transmission for a Chevy Silverado?

Chevy Silverado Transmission Cost

The cost of a new Chevy Silverado transmission could be over $3,500 depending on the vehicle, however, transmission services such as fluid changes and a transmission fluid flush are considerably less fancy, in some cases costing less than $150.

How long will a GM 5.3 last?

How long will a 5.3 Chevy engine last? A Chevrolet 5.3L engine should be able to last 200,000 to 300,000 miles depending on how you care for the engine. These engines were first introduced in 1999 and they were used through the 2009 model year.

What is the best year for a Chevy Silverado?

The best year model to purchase a Chevy Silverado is 2012. This model has been highly rated and only had 4 recalls. The model to avoid when purchasing a Chevy Silverado is 2014. This model had 20 recalls and issues with the power steering and electrical.

Do Chevy Silverados have a lot of problems?

Yes, the Silverado 2020 has similar problems similar to the other models realized in 2000 – 2012. The problems like hard shifting, jerking, downshifting trouble, and other minor issues that you may encounter. However, it is in no way close to the third-generation Silverado. The 2020 model is worth an investment.

Is the Chevy 5.3 a good motor?

The 5.3L V8 Vortec 5300 is considered an engine that is extremely reliable. In fact, many vehicle owners with the engine report having the engine run with minimal issues up to 220k miles. Additionally, the engine blocks are very durable also.

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Is the Chevy Silverado a good truck?

Is the Chevrolet Silverado a Good Truck? Yes, the Chevrolet Silverado is a good truck. It offers several potent engines, it can tow and haul as much as or more than most rivals, and it has a spacious interior with easy-to-use tech features.

What is the average life of a Chevy Silverado?

The Chevrolet Silverado has a total life expectancy of up to 200,000 miles, or even more. Of course, this is greatly dependent on keeping Your vehicle in tip top condition.

Is it worth replacing a transmission?

Transmissions are one of the most expensive repairs that you can make on a vehicle. … If the car is relatively new and in great condition other than the transmission, then it is probably worth fixing. Other reasons to fix the transmission of a vehicle include you having a vintage car that is worth the money to fix.

Can a CVT transmission last 200 000 miles?

How many miles will a CVT transmission last? – Quora. You should easily see 200,000 miles, possibly 300,000 miles or more. BUT, to do that you need to change the oil at least every 50,000 (preferably less), no matter what your manual says. And use the latest fluid.

How much does it cost to replace a Chevy transmission?

How much is a transmission? It depends on the vehicle you drive and the type of transmission it requires, but a transmission replacement ranges from $1,800 to $3,400. Keep in mind that this estimated transmission cost range does not include labor fees, taxes, and any other associated fees.

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How do you know if your transmission is going out?

Clunking, humming or whining sounds are signs of automatic transmission problems. Faulty manual transmissions will also give off loud machinelike sounds that seem to come out of nowhere. A clunking noise when you shift gears is a telltale transmission situation. Have a mechanic look it over.

How much does it cost to replace a transmission in a pickup truck?

Transmission problems are expensive. The average cost to replace transmission can cost around $2,600, but ranges from $1,800 to $3,400.