How much psi should be in a transmission cooler line?

The cooler pressure is not published anywhere that I can find but most automatic transmission’s have about 4 to 10 PSI. You have to keep in mind the cooler pressure is low because the oil is flowing to lubricate the gears and there is not much resistance in the lines.

Is there pressure in transmission cooler lines?

Its NOT only pressure you have to worry about, its also compatibility with the trans fluid. NOT aware of the pressures being any higher than other transmissions, so if you use “Transmission Cooler Hose” you should be fine.

How many PSI is a transmission line?

During normal operation, its about 150 and the return line around 50 psi.

What is normal transmission pressure?

Place the transmission in forward position and operate the transmission to 600 RPM. The pressure should read 40 to 70 psi.

What can causes low line pressure in a transmission?

Line pressure is normally effected by throttle position and the gear range. … Pressure that are lower than specifications are usually caused by leaking seals or a worn oil pump. Higher than normal pressures are usually caused by a faulty pressure regulator.

Can you use fuel line transmission line?

Fuel line hose isn’t up to the pressures normally associated with automatic transmissions. Use the proper stuff. If that thing splits or blows loose and hoses down any portion of your exhaust system hot enough to ignite it, your truck could end up burned to the ground.

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What size is the transmission cooler line?

Transmission Radiator end of fitting has 1/4″ MPT. line fitting is 1/2″-20 inverted flare INS. – Factory fitting remains with recessed internal threads.

Can you add a transmission cooler?

As long as it is properly installed, a transmission cooler will not affect a factory transmission. … Transmission fluid cannot be cooled too much, so the addition of a cooler is a good idea, especially if you are towing.

How much pressure does a Allison transmission have?

The ALLISON 1000 can see 220 psi on the trans cooler lines, they are not a low pressure system. On average they only run 20-60 psi, but you must use a line rated for the cold pressure spikes. And you must also use a hose rated for at least 300 degrees as the cooler out flow can run 80-100 degrees above sump temp.

How do I increase transmission pressure?

It can breath new life into old transmissions with sagging pressure regulator springs, or provide extra clutch and band apply pressure in hard-working units. Raising line pressure is typically done by using a stronger pressure regulator spring, installing a larger boost valve or doing both.