Does LYFT have car seat option?

Car seat mode makes it easy for parents to travel with their child. Car seat mode matches riders with the same kinds of vehicles as standard Lyft rides, just with car seats. … If Car seat rides are available in your city, you’ll see the option when selecting a ride.

How do you call LYFT with a baby seat?

Here’s how to request a ride in Car seat mode.

  1. Open the Lyft app.
  2. In available cities, select ‘Car seat’ ride type.
  3. Set your pickup and drop-off locations, then request the ride.
  4. When the driver arrives, be sure you’re the one who secures your child in the car seat. That’s it!

Where is the car seat option on LYFT?

To find vehicles offering a car seat, riders must scroll through the options presented in the bottom half of the screen.

Does Uber or Lyft do car seats?

Before you ride

Uber Car Seat provides one forward-facing car seat for a child who is at least 2 years old, 22 pounds, and 31 inches tall. A child is too big at 48 pounds or 52 inches.

Can toddlers ride in Uber?

Can you Uber with a baby? Yes, you can Uber with a baby but you’ll need to bring your own car seat to keep your child safe. There’s no Uber baby car seat option and it would be illegal and unsafe for your child to ride unrestrained.

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Can I bring a carseat in an uber?

When riding with small children, and where required by law, it’s your responsibility to provide and fit a suitable car seat, unless our local guidelines, terms, or other policies say otherwise. Children requiring car seats must be strapped in them during the entire ride and not held on laps.